Antenatal Class

It is common sense to prepare for your birth – especially, if you live in a foreign country.

Giving birth in Denmark, is in many ways just like giving birth in any other country. But at the same time, the Danish birthing culture is not a true copy of the way births are handled in a lot of other countries.

Eg: Water births are completely normal in Denmark. Most women will not see a doctor during the birth, but only midwives.
So while your body works the same way, a lot of the system surrounding you may be different from what you know from another country.

Therefore, I offer to guide you through the stages of birth, as well as the Danish health care system. So, you become truly prepared for your birth in Denmark.


I will guide you and your partner through:

birth preparation antenatal class

  • The physical process of birth: The different stages, when to go to the hospital, what to do while still at home, etc.
  • How do you optimize the birth: Mental and physical tricks to ease the birth process and the pain
  • All the drugs: What types of pain-relief excist. The pharmacological as well as the natural possibilities.
  • Interventions: When things do not go according to plan, induction, cesarian, ventouse – what is all this?
  • Doula-Dad: What is the role of partner, what should he do – and when, and how do you become a strong team.
  • Life with a baby: How do you know your baby is thrieving, how do you breastfeed, what is important in the first few weeks of life as a family.

During all this, I will answer your specific questions, so you will feel prepared to welcome your baby.



Why is it not a group session?

I want you to know and learn everything neccesarie for you to have a good birth experience. In my experience Non-Danish-speaking couples are simply not homogonous enough to fully benefit from a group session. You need a program tailored to you. If you are a French woman with a Danish spouse, you need something completly different from a Thai couple.

So, to put it simple: I only offer individual sessions, because I firmly believe it is best for you.



It is possible to book the class online, if you understand a little Danish.

Or you can just call me to make a booking: + 45 51 92 05 07.
It is only possible to make a booking in the evening or in a weekend by phone.

Duration: app. 4 hours
Place: The comfort of your own home
Price: 2500 kr.

+500kr for classes in the evening/ weekend

Midwife antenatal class birth preparation

Midwife Stine Roswall is an experienced guide in the field of pregnancy and birth.


Book online, if you understand a little Danish.

Or call me: + 45 51 92 05 07

You are also welcome to send me a text or find me on whatsApp


Sarah & Mathias:

“We give Stine our best recommendations. If you want a private antenatal class, then choose her.
She is professional but in a warm and delightful way. The class felt like a conversation over a cup of coffee, and not as a school class.
When we were done, I really felt, that I knew what would happen in my body during birth, and also what I could do to help myself, and what my partner could do to help me”