Antenatal Class

It is common sense to prepare for your birth – especially, if you live in a foreign country.

Giving birth in Denmark, is in many ways just like giving birth in any other country. But at the same time, the Danish birthing culture is not a true copy of the way births are handled in a lot of other countries.

Eg: Water births are completely normal in Denmark. Most women will not see a doctor during the birth, but only midwives.
So while your body works the same way, a lot of the system surrounding you may be different from what you know from another country.

Therefore, I offer to guide you through the stages of birth, as well as the Danish health care system. So, you become truly prepared for your birth in Denmark.


I will guide you and your partner through:

birth preparation antenatal class

  • The physical process of birth: The different stages, when to go to the hospital, what to do while still at home, etc.
  • How do you optimize the birth: Mental and physical tricks to ease the birth process and the pain
  • All the drugs: What types of pain-relief excist. The pharmacological as well as the natural possibilities.
  • Interventions: When things do not go according to plan, induction, cesarian, ventouse – what is all this?
  • Doula-Dad: What is the role of partner, what should he do – and when, and how do you become a strong team.
  • Life with a baby: How do you know your baby is thrieving, how do you breastfeed, what is important in the first few weeks of life as a family.

During all this, I will answer your specific questions, so you will feel prepared to welcome your baby.



Why is it not a group session?

I want you to know and learn everything neccesarie for you to have a good birth experience. In my experience Non-Danish-speaking couples are simply not homogonous enough to fully benefit from a group session. You need a program tailored to you. If you are a French woman with a Danish spouse, you need something completly different from a Thai couple.

So, to put it simple: I only offer individual sessions, because I firmly believe it is best for you.



Because of the current situation with corona-virus I can only offer antenatal class online. In a closed circuit where we meet with sound and video, and where you have the possiblity to ask questions, just as if we where meeting.

It is possible to book the class online, if you understand a little Danish.

Or you can just call me to make a booking: + 45 51 92 05 07.
It is only possible to make a booking in the evening or in a weekend by phone.

Duration: app. 4 hours
Place: The comfort of your own home ONLINE
Price: 2500 kr.

Midwife antenatal class birth preparation

Midwife Stine Roswall is an experienced guide in the field of pregnancy and birth.


Book online, if you understand a little Danish.

Or call me: + 45 51 92 05 07

You are also welcome to send me a text or find me on whatsApp


Sarah & Mathias:

“We give Stine our best recommendations. If you want a private antenatal class, then choose her.
She is professional but in a warm and delightful way. The class felt like a conversation over a cup of coffee, and not as a school class.
When we were done, I really felt, that I knew what would happen in my body during birth, and also what I could do to help myself, and what my partner could do to help me”