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Do you need help navigating through the Danish health care system? I offer you a safe guidance throughout your pregnancy.
I am an independent midwife, that cares for the pregnant woman and her partner, offering consultations and lamaze / antenatal class.

I speak English and taught the antenatal class for English speaking when I worked at the largest Danish delivery ward, Hvidovre Hospital.
I also have a lot of experience in Danish/English translation from the international church I attend with my family.

In my midwife consultation you will find the calm of time, experiencing your pregnancy as a safe and evolving period of life. No matter if this is your first or fifth pregnancy.

My consultations will take place in the comfort of your own home, guaranteeing you the privacy and the time needed to talk about a specific topic.

I have time to care for you and your concerns – no matter if you are in the 2nd or 9th month of gestation. Whatever might be weighing on your mind, a troublesome result of an ultrasound scan, the stress of trying to quit smoking, concerns over weightgain or the thoughts of becoming parents that might be filling your thoughts. With me you will have the opportunity to have as many consultations during your pregnancy as needed.

You cannot find everything on google. I use my knowledge and experience as a midwife during the past 9 years to help and guide you through pregnancy and delivery. I help you start your life as a family on the right note.

You can also visit me on facebook where I share news and thoughts about pregnancy, delivery and lactation. You can also ask questions every wednesday on my Q&A. Everything on my facebook-page is in Danish, but the Q&A is easy to find. Questions in English are more than welcome.

Do you have questions or want to make a booking?

Contact me on my phone +45 51 92 05 07
You can call or text.
I am also on WhatsApp

My services:

Booking is easy, just call me: +45 51 92 05 07 or send an email to stineroswall@[remove-this]
You decide if you want a single consultation on the phone or an entire package where I follow you from early pregnancy until after you have come home with your baby. You choose how often you would like to be seen.

I offer you the safety of knowing your midwife from beginning until end. That gives you the peace and tranquility to concentrate on pregnancy, birth and lactation, because I will know from our talks what is important to you.

I visit you at your own home, and depending on where you live, I charge a transportation fee. See more here.


Telephone consultation:

Do you have questions, that the hospital can’t answer? Have you been told something that you would like to have a second opinion on? Do you feel that you are bothering the midwives when you call the delivery ward?
I would love to guide you and help you with the questions you might have.

Duration: 30 minutes (or more!)
Price: 400 kr. pr half an hour


Regular consultation:

I access the physiological status of the pregnancy: meassure your blod pressure, check your urin, listen to the babys heart beat and asses the size of the baby.

After that, we talk about any topic that is on your mind regarding pregnancy, birth, lactation or life as a family. You can discuss anything with me – if it is important to you, it is important to me.

First visit: app. 90 minutes
Following visits: app. 60 minutes
Price: First visit: 900 kr., following visits: 700 kr.

Antenatal class:

I offer a private class tailored to your needs. The class is held in the privacy of your own home, and I reccomend, that your partner joins us for the entire session.
The class consists of most of the following topics, with focus on what is most important to you:

  • How do you give birth? The physical transition inside the body.
  • How do you best go through labour? Pain relief – medical as well as natural.
  • The role of the partner – from the first contraction until the baby is born.
  • Rebozo – a mexican technique to help the labour move along by moving the birthing body.
  • What if things do not go as expected? Possible complications during delivery.
  • Breastfeeding – do I want to or not? And how do I do it?

Because it will be only you and me, you have every opportunity to ask questions and I will shape the course after your individual needs. Maybe you have a pelvic injury or a previous cesarean section? I make sure that this antenatal class is tailored to your needs.
It is possible to book the class online, if you understand a little Danish. Or you can just call me to make a booking: + 45 51 92 05 07.
It is only possible to make a booking in the evening or in a weekend by phone.

Duration: app. 4 hours
Price: 2500 kr.
+500kr for classes in the evening/ weekend


Sweeping of membranes

Would you like your birth to begin? From your due date it is possible to sweep the membranes, a small procedure, that has been shown to make contractions begin sooner.
In some cases it is possible to do even before your due date – but no earlier than three weeks before.
It is often possible to make an appointment the same day or the next. You can always give me call to hear about the procedure and when I can see you. Reach me at +45 51 92 05 07

Duration: ½-1 hour
Price: 700kr


Information about induction of labour

Have you passed your due date?
Would you like thorough information about your possibilities of induction – natural as well as medical?
Do you consider not having your labour induced even though it is recommended by the hospital?
Would your rather wait for the body to start labour on its own?

At the hospital there is often not time to give you thorough information about pros and cons of medical induction of labour. Not two pregnancies are alike. It’s important that you have the possibility to be informed, ask questions and discuss whether or not a medical induction of labour is right for you.

I will access the health and well being of mother and child as at every consultation. After that I will talk you through induction of labour fra A to Z. This gives you the power to choose what is right for you.

I recommend that you have this visit at least a few days before your induction appointment at the hospital. This will give you time to find out what is most important for you.

At this consultation I also offer to sweep your membranes if possible and I will give you tips and tricks to help labour start on it’s own eg. acupressure that helps ripen the cervix.

Duration app. 1 hour
Price: 700 kr.

Lactation consultation:

Most women leave the hospital before breastfeeding is well established, the milk is flowing and the baby is thriving.
Many women even experience in the Danish hospitals, that the nurses are bussy and have not got enough time to give you guidance on breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is very much a matter of technique, ease and careful guidance. No matter if it is your first or fifth child you may need help with lactation. Cracked skin and wounds on the breast and nipple is not something that you should expect when breastfeeding. It is a sign that the baby is using a wrong technique and needs help.

I visit you in your home. I give you guidance and help. Call me before you send your husband out to empty the baby shops or the pharmacy for breast pumps, bottles and nipple shields.

Usually I am able to visit you same day or within 24 hours from your call. I know how painful the wait can be if you have troubles with breastfeeding.

Duration: app 1,5-3 hours – depending on when baby is sleeping or awake
Price: 500 kr. per half an hour


Post natal consultation:

Many men and women experience a need to talk through the experience of giving birth. We talk about it with our mother or friends – and often several times.
I offer the possibility to talk you through what happened during the birth. I take the time to give you perspective on what happened and why. I can answer many of your questions about why something did or did not happen.

This will give you a more calm feeling when you think about the day you welcomed your baby to the world.

It doesn’t matter if your delivery was complicated or went smooth. If you keep reliving the experience with bad feelings you could benefit from a post natal consultation. It doesn’t matter if you gave birth a month ago or 10 years ago.

We talk about the birth on the basis of your hospital chart. You can have a copy of it by calling the hospital where you gave birth or find it at

I recommend that your partner (or whoever was with you when you gave birth) joins us at this consultation.

Duration: 1-2 hours
Price: 9
50 kr.



Do you want me to take care of you all through your pregnancy and labour? You can have the same midwife for every consultation.

Everything: 7-10 consultations, antenatal class in your own home, information about induction of Labour, postnatal consultation, the birth it self, and unlimited guidance by phone, mail or text during the entire pregnancy.
Price: 35.000kr

Other clients say:

“I can highly reccomend Stine as a midwife, if you are looking for someone competent who knows how to care for your specific needs. I really felt that Stine took all my whishes, concerns and thoughts seriously. She made me feel at ease and safe – which I really felt was most important when facing the task of bringing your baby to the world.

– Camilla, first time mom

“Stine is a highly competent, empathetic, caring and listening midwife. She was good at explaining to both me and my husband what happened during labour. She litterally helped me through every contraction. I truly felt that I were in safe hands.

– Maria, first time mom

“Stine gave really good and usable advice during my pregnancy regarding all the normal issues – but also  regarding complications with too many braxton-hicks contractions, bleeding and the possibility of having a breech birth (luckily the baby turned around at the end, so it was not necessary)
I always felt safe after talking to Stine
And her estimate of the size of the baby was the most accurate at birth!”

– Stine, third time mom


You can reach me at (+ 45) 51 92 05 07

If I don’t answer the phone just leave a voice mail or send me a text.
I will get back to you as soon as possible.